Fun & Excitement Expected for Saturday

Considering it’s the week of the finals, we thought you may enjoy some fun facts along with PDFs of point standings to get you excited for Championship Night this Saturday.
Some of the classes are going to be VERY exciting. Just take a look at these….
  • In Late Models Aaron Turnbull is beating his younger brother, Tyson by only 11 points.  Tyson needs to get twelve more points than Aaron in total on Saturday (which is possible because WISSOTA gives points for heat races) and there’s an extra point bonus for finishing first in a feature.
  • Stock Car Division is the closest currently with Jordan Durward and Austin Daae tied for first, but Joren Boyce simply needs to place four positions higher than both to win it.
  • Modifieds have Steven Pfeifer seven points ahead of Travis Hagen.  Hagen needs to finish eight positions higher than Steven in order to win season championship.
  • In the Weatherford Hobby Stocks, Leevi Runge has a 20 point lead over Riley Raynard, but you never know what Saturday will bring!
To catch all the action, make sure you join us Saturday at 7PM out at the Estevan Motor Speedway.
Loud, fast and a total BLAST! See you at the track!