Keeping our eye on the sky

Screen Shot 2015-05-15 at 9.45.56 AMWith our next race scheduled for tomorrow, we are all keeping our eye on the sky. The current weather forecast is calling for 90% rain in the afternoon… so fingers crossed folks!

The Board will meet tomorrow with the track prep guys at 10 AM (sk time) to determine if the track will be ready and the weather will cooperate. Immediately after that meeting, we will be notifying everyone via Club texting and right here on our website to let everyone know if we will be getting that #EMSlineup ready or keeping them parked in the trailers.

If you to be a part of our VIP text club so that you can receive up to the minute updates and race info, please subscribe to our text service! Text RACE to 212121 in Canada (25827 in the USA for all our American friends).

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